Towards Research Leadership
Developing Research Innovation, Localisation and Leadership in South Africa


The DRILL programme aims to develop selected promising young researchers to become future local and international leaders in health-related research. The DRILL training programme is multidisciplinary and builds on and fosters development of synergistic networks and partnerships to achieve high-impact results in public health research and services.

The DRILL fellows’ ability to lead and inspire others towards the needs of local communities, research priority problems and implementation of solutions, will form part of the career trajectory targets for the fellows. Communities of practice are an important aspect of the research culture because they help the fellows move out of silos and into communities with like-minded colleagues.

Research Areas


The study of the interaction between humans and HIV is a complex one. HIV is a disease with stigma and fear associated with it.

Mental Health

Mental Health diseases are often seen as character flaws or personality defects. As with those who are HIV positive, or have AIDS.

Health Professions Education

Research into the education of health professionals requires an understanding of the education...

Health Research Ethics

Health research ethics is an important area of knowledge and practice for all health researchers.

Health Systems Strengthening

Research in the Health Systems area focuses on assessing Health Systems structures that are already in place.