Health Systems Strengthening

DRILL research in the Health Systems area will focus on assessing Health Systems structures which are already in place, in an effort to try and begin the process of designing a system appropriate for South Africa. This will include looking at funding models, rural versus urban needs, and using systems already in place more effectively.  This will require not only looking at what obtains in other societies, but also engaging with stakeholders in the Department of Health, to learn what they already do, and where there is possible synergy in process and structural systems.

The National Health System in the United Kingdom, and the Affordable Care Act in the United States of America are two versions of health systems which have been developed to provide National Healthcare. Both systems have been under attack, for reasons which are more political than practical. The challenge for South Africa is to design a working system, within a political framework which is also controversial. Working with the Department of Health will avoid some of this controversy, but National Healthcare will always have its detractors. The provision of healthcare to the poorest in the nation is, however, necessary to build a successful society where everyone has an equal chance at a healthy and fulfilled life.