Making Space for Mental Health

Dr Winnie Baphumelele Cele is a Mental Health lecturer in the Nursing discipline. She lectures Bachelor of Nursing students and supervises research for postgraduate students. She recently obtained her Doctorate (PhD) in Mental Health Nursing. Her study was titled Analyzing the Implementation of National Mental Health Policy Framework on the Integration of Mental Health into HIV Services in Selected Primary Healthcare Settings in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Her research findings showed that 75% of health professionals had negative perceptions towards the integration of mental health into HIV services at primary healthcare settings. Research findings showed that healthcare professionals demonstrated poor skills in the diagnosis of mental disorder due to their level of training and awareness; therefore necessitating the need for constant training and retraining. She experienced some challenges during her PhD journey, including developing blurred vision in her right eye, leading her to seek specialist intervention. Dr Cele believes that the support from her supervisor, Dr Mbali Mhlongo (DRILL Fellow) helped her to see the light at the end of the tunnel and achieve her degree. After being awarded the opportunity to present her research findings at an international conference, the 2nd Annual AFREhealth Symposium 2018 in Durban, she gained the confidence boost she needed to push herself to the finish line and she has not looked back since.

Dr Winnie Cele pictured with her supervisor, Dr Mbali Mhlongo (DRILL Fellow)

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