Research Ethics Resources

Good and bad research collaborations: researchers’ views on science and ethics in global health research.

Parker, M., & Kingori, P. (2016). PloS one, 11(10), e0163579.

Read publication here.

Contextualising the role of the gatekeeper in social science research.

Singh, S., & Wassenaar, D.R. (2016). South African Journal of Bioethics and Law, 9(1), 42-46.

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How to learn to love your REC: Recommendations for psychologists. 

Wassenaar, D.R., & Slack, C. (2016). South African Journal of Psychology, 46(3) 3016-315.

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What makes clinical research in developing countries ethical? The benchmarks of ethical research. 

Emanuel, E. J., Wendler, D., Killen, J., & Grady, C. (2004). The Journal of infectious diseases, 189(5), 930-937.

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